Psalm 110 Setting The Stage for Holy Week

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Take a moment today to prayerfully reflect on Psalm 110. As JD Walt suggests, it is a wonderful way to prepare our hearts and set the stage for Holy Week:

Psalm 110

The Lord has spoken to my Lord: “Sit here at My right hand,
Until I make Your foes a stool on which Your feet may stand.”
The Lord from Zion shall extend the scepter of Your pow’r:
“Rule all surrounding enemies, and be their conqueror.”

When You display Your mighty pow’r, Your people come to You;
At dawn, arrayed in holiness, Your youth appear like dew.
The Lord has sworn, and from His oath, He’ll never be released:
“Of th’order of Melchizedek, You’ll always be a priest.”

The Lord at Your right hand will strike earth’s rulers in His wrath.
Among the nations He will judge; The slain will fill His path.
In many lands He’ll crush their kings; His wrath will be their dread;
And from the wayside brook He’ll drink; In vict’ry lift His head.

Read the full article and JD Walt’s thoughts on this passage here –

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