Practical Tips For Helping Children Deal With Anger

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Help your kids process anger better with these tips from Gary Chapman’s recent Focus on The Family article.

If you’re a parent you’ve probably found yourself in one of those situations where your sweet child starts to spiral into anger. Sometimes there’s an all out war between siblings!

In this article Gary Chapman present one of those situations, familiar to many parents, and gives some practical wisdom on how to help your child work through the anger in a healthy way.

“When you talk about your anger — or anger in general — rather than the child’s anger, you make it easier for your child to respond. In responsibly acknowledging failures, you are teaching your child not only what is right and wrong about anger, but also how to confess failures when he or she doesn’t handle anger well.” – Gary Chapman

Gary presents these fours concepts for appraoching anger management:
Build the foundationManage your own angerGive guidance in the momentProvide biblical instruction
It’s a quick and easy read, go here to catch the full article:

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