Last Updated: Sunday 22 March 7:52am

It is very important to read these instructions through in full before following these steps on your smartphone or tablet.

We recommend printing these instructions out before following them on your device.

Additionally we also highly recommend going through these instructions on Saturday to ensure you can connect before the service is live steamed.

Please note: It is easier to watch the live stream from a Desktop PC or a Laptop. The Desktop Laptop instructions are located here.

1. Watching the service from a Mobile device such as an Android Smartphone, Apple iPhone, Apple iPad or Android Tablet requires the installation of the free Microsoft Teams app.

2. Installing the App:

Click the Google Play icon below to install the Microsoft Teams app if you are using a Android Smartphone or Tablet.


Click the Apple App Store icon below if you are using an Apple device.

Note: Once the Microsoft Teams app is installed, do not “Sign In” to the app, instead switch back to this page to continue follow these instructions.

3. Follow the app installation instructions for your device. Once installed Click the below “Open live Stream” link.


4. Clicking the link should open the Microsoft Teams app. If you are using an Android device you may be asked if you want to open the link using Teams. Click on the Teams icon is asked.

5. When Microsoft Teams is opened, select the button “Join as a guest”.

6. When promoted for your name enter your First Name or a chosen “screen name” (an alias or a nickname)

7. Well done! You should be able to see The Well Church Live Stream.

The live broadcast will start at 10am or a little after but we recommend connecting to the steam by 9:45am at the latest and waiting for the service to start.