7 Ways To Improve Your Leadership Skills

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Ever had to lead during a time of change? At home, at work..in the church?

It’s almost a trick question. Most of us take a leadership role in some area of our lives. And when we own something as the leader, the one accountable for things, then we often want to make changes and improve things.

Leading change can be difficult and there are some things you can do to help your cause or make your job much more difficult.

Carey Nieuwhof says to avoid saying these 7 things:

1.” These Changes Are Great. I Can’t Understand Why You Don’t Like Them.” (Lack Of Empathy)
2. “God Told Me This Is What We Should Do.” (Speaking For God)
3. “We’ve Got This All Figured Out. Trust Me.” (Know It All)
4. What Happened In The Past Is Completely Irrelevant…Focus On The Future. (Dismissing The Past)
5. “Everyone Needs To Get On Board Right Now.” (Impatience)
6. “I Know People Are Leaving…Who Cares?” (Indifference)
7. “This Plan Is Bullet-Proof.” (Hubris)

Read the full article here: https://careynieuwhof.com/7-ways-leaders-blow-it-when-leading-change/