3 Ways To Be A More Mindful Parent

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When you are already too busy, the thought of adding something else to the parenting ‘to do’ list can feel overwhelming. Mindful parenting could easily fall into the bucket of “there’s just too much other stuff to focus on”.

When is taking on more ever the solution to having too much on your plate?

Being a parent is challenging enough at the best of times and the steady stream of popular tips, trick and techniques that flood in from the experts could easily make you (and your kids) feel even more stressed out.

Shirley Pastiroff wrote an article on Mindful Parenting for The Parenting Place recently and regardless of whether or not you are into the mindfulness thing or not the three tips that she shares for mindful parenting are practical and pretty easy to understand.

So while the idea of mindful parenting might be an overwhelming addition to daily life these 3 tips to get started could actually provide you with some mental breathing room.

Shirley writes…

Mindfulness is the latest buzz word in our ongoing search for more balance and happier lives. If you’ve not come across it yet, I imagine it won’t be long as there is now strong evidence to show that everyone from children to multinational corporations are benefitting from mindfulness.</>

There is a certain irony about adding a new technique or idea to our already busy lives, in order to simplify them. However mindfulness that is based on brain science, encourages shifts in the actual infrastructure of your brain. It creates a calmer mind, which improves everything you do. For me, it has had a greater impact on my parenting than anything else I have tried.

Read the full article here: http://www.theparentingplace.com/health-wellness/mindful-parenting/

Image courtesy of: Regina Stroschoen